Tuesday 24 August 2004

what's next, mud wrestling?

Now don't get me wrong, I understand that volleyball is a legitimate sport and simply moving it to another venue (say, a beach) doesn't make it any less legitimate, but do we really need bikini-clad "cheerleaders" and snippits of music between points - and a minimum clothing restriction for the female competitors? Maybe I wouldn't be as bothered by this if it was showing on some sports channel but I'm surprised to see it at the Olympics. The music is bad enough (really, I was hoping the last time I would ever hear that "Hands Up" song was in Club Med ads in the early 90s), but the intermittent bikini dancing is cringeworthy. For a sporting event that prides itself on being the epitome of athletics, for which participants train for four years, it seems a bit odd to have one sport that features buttcheeks and bad wedding music.

Besides, it makes me feel fat.

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