Friday 27 August 2004

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Oh yes oh yes, it's a long weekend here! It'll rain, hail, flood, and a plague of something will descend upon us and ruin any chances for a BBQ, but who cares? I don't have to work on Monday! Oh happy day.

It's Ed and Martine's monkey time, and this month's theme is:

"Something Weird: The Musical! In other words, tell us something weird about yourself that involves music."

The first thing that came to mind is my odd, but incredibly useless ability to think of obscure songs and then hear them on the radio or television. For example, for no reason, the song "Photograph" by Flock of Seagulls might suddenly pop into my head. This isn't something that would get played on the radio station I listen to, nor would it be a song I've heard recently elsewhere. Within the same day (usually within an hour or so), that song will pop up in an ad, article, or someone will mention it to me. Now, this doesn't work for any type of music. For some strange reason, I've had old commercial jingles running through my head ("My bologna has a first name...", and "Honeycomb's big - yeah yeah yeah! It's not small - no no no!") but none of these jingles have cropped up anywhere else in the world outside of my own head. Sadly, I can only do this with songs and not winning lottery numbers.

Have a lovely long weekend, everyone. For you North Americans, have a lovely long weekend in a week.

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