Wednesday 18 August 2004

warning: do not operate heavy machinery

According to my weekly email from

"No one is sure why, but many women feel scatterbrained when they're pregnant. So don't be surprised if you find yourself losing your keys or stashing the mail in the freezer."

Don't I know it. So far, I've: showered with my glasses on (long enough to have lathered and rinsed my hair before I noticed), fallen asleep with my contacts in (I never did this even when very, very drunk), and our cupboards are full of duplicates and triplicates of things I bought but forgot we already had. I cannot remember anything without writing a list, and then I forget where I put the list.

Yes, I know this will only get worse after the baby arrives. I will probably tie one end of a string to Pip and the other to my wrist so I know where s/he is at all times.

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