Tuesday 24 August 2004

listy things

Spotted at and stolen from J Dave's blog.

Last Cigarette: March 30, 2000

Last Alcoholic Drink: August 4, and don't look at me like that - it was one sip of three different glasses of wine to pick out bottles for the wedding. Before that, I think the last drink I had was in the beginning of June.

Last Car Ride: About 15 minutes ago

Last Kiss: About 30 minutes ago

Last Good Cry: Are you kidding me? I cry over everything now, sad or not.

Last Library Book checked out: Must have been something for a course at Concordia in the 90s.

Last movie Seen in Theatres: "Bourne Supremacy"

Last Book Read: _The Rough Guide to Pregnancy_

Last Movie Rented: Ummm can't remember the last time we rented anything.

Last Cuss Word Uttered: I don't think I've actually said anything rude today. I must do something about that.

Last Beverage Drank: A fizzy fruity drink of some sort

Last Food Consumed: Veggie hot dogs

Last Crush: Paul, Jasper, and Pip, in that order.

Last Phone Call: Old Bridge Hotel to confirm a booking with the wedding lady

Last TV Show Watched: "Location, Location, Location" rerun/Olympics during lunch

Last Time Showered: This morning

Last Shoes Worn: My Reebok mules

Last CD Played: An assorted CD of various MP3s in the car

Last Item Bought: Lots of food from Tesco

Last Download: Not a clue

Last Annoyance: That guy who was driving 10mph in front of me for about 3 miles today

Last Disappointment: Ummm I dunno. Running out of corn last night?

Last Soda Drank: Don't drink "soda"

Last Thing Written: This blog entry. Duh.

Last Sleep: That would have been last night. Except for the hour and a half stroppy miss across the road kept me awake yakking to her boyfriend outside of her house really loudly.

Last Weird Encounter: I work in IT. I have weird encounters almost hourly.

Last Ice Cream Eaten: Haagen Dazs vanilla

Last Time Amused: I am amused all the time

Last Time Hugged: This morning

Last Time Scolded: No one dares to scold a pregnant woman. I mean, come on.

Last Time Resentful: I am never resentful.

Last Chair Sat In: The one at my desk that I've got my arse parked on right now.

Last Underwear Worn: Something black and big enough to fit me.

Last Bra Worn: Something black and big enough to fit me.

Last Shirt Worn: Something black and...you get the idea.

Last Webpage Visited: blogger.com to post this entry.

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