Wednesday 11 August 2004

to Pip

I realised today that this blog is filled with nothing but how I'm feeling about my pregnancy and various ranty posts about pregnancy-related things. I haven't really discussed how I'm feeling about the little one inside me, and I think it's high time I did.

I've reached week 12 today (wooohoooo!), and as the weeks go by, I feel more relaxed about being pregnant and more comfortable making future plans. I'm sure this will increase tenfold if all goes well at Friday's scan. When I first found out that I was pregnant, I was completely over the moon but it all seemed very surreal. My first words to Pip were "Stay in there!! Stay!", half joking but half worried that this would be one of the 25% of pregnancies that ends in early miscarriage. The weeks went by, more pregnancy symptoms began to show, and I actually started feeling pregnant. The baby became "Pip" and Paul started patting my belly and talking into it. I began to rub and hold my belly almost constantly, unconsciously, and felt an immense sense of joy when I read that Pip is now around two inches long. Two inches! Pip is becoming less of a tadpole and more of a tiny human baby. Pip is now more real to people other than just us; in fact, many refer to the baby as Pip as well. I have already started feeling that maternal instinct to throw myself in front of a moving train to protect my child and to beat the crap out of anyone who may cause harm. I cannot wait to see Pip on the ultrasound, and I truly cannot wait to see our baby in person.

You are already so sincerely loved. What a nice way to come into the world.

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