Monday 9 August 2004


I have three things to blog about today. That's right - three! And on a Monday, even!

blame canada

Roots has designed the British Olympic team's gear, and Canada's too, I would imagine. You may be familiar with Roots if you have Canadian friends and/or family members, as you will often receive items of clothing with "Roots Canada" stamped all over it as gifts. I read an article in the Daily Mail, expressing outrage at the hideously designed athletic gear made by some Foreign Company when there are perfectly good British designers wandering about with no work, for goodness sake. Meanwhile, they failed to realise that Roots designed the gear for the British Commonwealth Games teams a few years ago, so they're a tad late with their complaint. Silly rabbits.

don't judge a restaurant by its beaded curtains

I came across an ad in our local paper for an Italian restaurant, and thought we should give it a go. Unfortunately, all I could remember was that it started with M and it may or may not have been in St Ives (one of our neighbouring villages). I looked through the yellow pages and there was indeed an Italian restaurant in St Ives starting with an M, so we booked a table for Saturday night. As we approached the restaurant, I could tell that it wasn't the one I saw in the ad. The picture in the ad showed a sleek, modern, trendy bistro, and this place had beaded curtains at the front door. Two different kinds of floral wallpaper adorned the walls and ceiling, and it was furnished with dark wooden tables and chairs only seen in 80s kitchens. My heart sank and I apologised in advance to our friends, explaining that this was not the restaurant I saw in the paper. Things started looking up when we realised that everyone serving was Italian and we leafed through the extensive (and authentic looking) menu. We were served by a friendly, but slightly insane man and were waited upon by several others throughout the meal. The food was simply brilliant. I had a perfectly cooked spaghetti alla arrabiatta (spaghetti with a spicy tomato sauce), and Paul had a filet steak in gorgonzola sauce that was beautifully grilled. I haven't enjoyed pasta this good since Rome. We will definitely return, although I'm still curious about that other place I saw in the ad.

wasps! UNGH! what are they good for? absolutely nothing

Not only are we plagued by swarms of hoverflies, apparently there is an increase in the wasp population this year as well. According to the papers, this is due to the decrease in pesticides used recently and the warm winter and spring weather. Now I'm all for mother nature's creatures being able to defend themselves, but wasps will sting you for looking at them funny. I am convinced that they perch themselves on our fence and wait for me to bring food or beverages outside of the house, then swoop towards us like kamikaze pilots with low blood sugar levels. There were no wasps in the area when we were sitting in the garden reading the paper, but as soon as I brought out a glass of orange juice, twenty of them buzzed straight towards my glass. You can't tell me that they can sense food and drink and be able to fly over to our table that quickly from afar. If you can light citronella candles to deter mosquitoes, what can you do to deter wasps? Please enlighten me.

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