Monday 23 August 2004

but i'm still avoiding ladders and black cats

Even though I'm quite superstitious about buying baby things this early on (i.e. I will not buy baby things this early on), I have actually bought my very first baby-related thing: a photo album. I wanted somewhere to put my scan pictures and any other pregnancy bits and bobs like my antenatal notes, so I purchased an album the other day. So it's just one item and it's only a photo album, right? Well yes, but now I'm finding myself cutting out little shapes from colourful paper and using funky markers to make notes - and it's only got the scan images in it so far.

Heaven help me when I actually start buying baby things and doing up the nursery. I'll probably end up hand painting a rendition of the Sistine Chapel on the ceiling featuring Teletubbies.

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