Thursday 19 August 2004

sneak preview

After we found out that our hospital won't tell us the gender of our baby, I joked about getting a scan done in the States while we're on honeymoon. I didn't actually think I could wander into a hospital and get a scan done on the spot, but then it also didn't occur to me that I could get a 3D scan at one of the many imaging centres around the US. I am the first to admit, 3D scans are rather strange looking (I often equate it with dipping your child in bronze), but it would allow us to know the gender earlier (than the 24 week scan we would have to order and pay for ourselves here) and get a few funky 3D images at the same time. I came across this place yesterday, and I am seriously thinking of booking a scan here when we're near San Diego in late September. It would cost around £80, and considering 3D scans go for around £200-300 here, it's quite the bargain.

I know that I'm just being impatient, but I think I'm being practical, too. We wanted to do some baby-related shopping in the States, and it would be handy to know the sex of our baby while we're out there (and at the beginning of our trip, which is jolly handy). I really don't like yellow and don't care to inflict it on our child. Come to think of it, I don't like pink either - our little girl would probably wear red.

I know, I'm so difficult.

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