Sunday 15 August 2004

not going by the book

The further along in pregnancy you get, the more you realise that a lot of what you read in pregnancy books is an enormous bucket of caca. To be fair, no one could write a book that would accurately describe your pregnancy, but I would like to see less of the "Welcome to week x! By now, you should be going through a, b, and c!" sort of thing. In real life, by week x, you might be going through c, but a and b never happen and good lord, what is this e, f, and g that's going on?? Please, pregnancy book/web site authors, never tell women that they "should" be experiencing any particular symptoms. It's annoying and in the early weeks, frightening if you're going through something completely different.

I'm now in the "honeymoon phase" of pregnancy, which has indeed been more enjoyable than the first few weeks. Mind you, the first few weeks weren't exactly horrible, but the really uncomfortable stuff seems to have faded away. I still need to wear a bra at all times (honestly, bigger boobs was not something I needed), but I'm not as tired and don't get nauseous anymore. Our little Pip is 70mm long (that's almost 3 inches), which is a long way from the apple seed size s/he was when the nickname was first born.

It took a couple of days to sink in, but after the scan, I am now truly enjoying being pregnant. I cannot stop rubbing my belly and I'm not that bothered that my clothes are getting tight again. My tummy seems to have exploded overnight and I suddenly have a big round bump where before there was simply a roll of fat (not sure if it's an improvement or not; I'll get back to you on that one). I said to Paul, it's almost like when a bloke is trying to impress a girl and holds his stomach in, then lets out a huge breath once they're better acquainted and releases his beer belly. Now that everyone knows that I'm pregnant, I've stopped sucking in and my bump is now hanging over the top of my trousers. Nice image, that.

Here's hoping the bump doesn't expand too much in the next six weeks, or else I'll be wearing a toga to our wedding.

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