Friday 20 August 2004

i am a bad mutha

So I was working from home this afternoon, typing away in my office. I half heard the sound of the back door being thumped, but assumed it was Jasper leaning up against it in the kitchen. As he does. About an hour later, I heard a small whimpery squeak and realised that I hadn't seen my dog in a very long time. I called him, no answer, so I headed downstairs. Jumping up and down outside the back door was my poor, neglected doggy. Apparently he wandered out back at some point, but the door blew shut on him. Luckily, I did manage to notice his absence before the massive thunder and lightening storm. I am a bad mother. In a non-Shaft kind of way.

Speaking of motherly things, a belly picture has been posted to the baby blog. No actual bare bellies were used in the filming of this entry - don't panic.

Have a loverly weekend, everyone.

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