about me

At the Wild West Show at Disney. We are not real cowboys.

Hello, I'm Lisa. My first blog was written using Notepad and was hosted on a Tripod site back in the late 90s when most of you weren't born. I'm a Canadian ex-pat, a very good eater, and have dozens of unread books on my Kindle and unfinished knitting projects in a bag next to the sofa. I'm a starter, not a finisher.

We've got three kids: Jack (b. 2005), Mia (b. 2007), and Isla (b. 2009.) They are also very good eaters, as evidenced by my perpetually empty fridge.

When I'm not faffing about online avoiding deadlines, I'm a technical writer in the software industry.

This blog has won no awards, no one sends me free stuff to review, I have nothing interesting in my sidebars, and I think only my mother reads my posts regularly. Hi Mom!


Another day with M.E said...

Love you blog xxx

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, it does get read, and not from your Mom !