Monday 23 August 2004

poor poor pitiful me

I'm at home with a cold today, sniffling and snorfling like that kid at the back of the classroom who always had a runny nose and got picked last for sports teams. Not like that was me as a kid - I only had a runny nose during allergy season and I usually got picked second or third last. Jasper and I have been watching the Olympics bundled up under a blanket and sipping tea. It's been very confusing for him because I think he's not sure who to root for: Canada or Great Britain. At least I assume it's been confusing for him and that's why he couldn't bear to watch the rowing on Saturday morning. He spent the morning despondently chewing on his toys and sighing wistfully. He seems to interpret any cheering for an invitation to please jump on me and place all 36kg. of your body weight on any part of my anatomy that might really hurt when you do that. Needless to say, my cheering tends to go something like "Yaaaay! No no no, down! DOWN!!!"

The wedding blog has been updated; probably for the last time before The Big Day.

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