Thursday 5 August 2004


I've just entered the "Ohmygawd, what STINKS?" phase of pregnancy. It's not that scents that never used to bother me are suddenly offensive, I just seem to have developed an incredibly keen sense of smell. I'm not sure what benefit this has during pregnancy (perhaps I can now smell danger coming from miles away and can move myself and my unborn child to safety?), but it's not very nice. Especially when it gets to the point that I have to run away from Jasper whenever he's wet. Pleh, wet dog.

I have also just entered the "must pee every 20 minutes" phase, which has been a bucket of laughs. On the plus side, it doesn't happen much at night and it must show that I'm drinking enough water throughout the day. Go me!

I just passed the 11 week mark, which is great news. I am thisclose to completing the first trimester and I will oh so relieved once that's behind me. Until I start thinking about giving birth. Gah.

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