Thursday 12 August 2004

i like nature, but get it the hell out of our house

This morning we discovered a very large spider dangling from our living room ceiling, a jumpy insecty thing that looked like a bright green leaf sitting on Jasper's tail, and a wasp tried to kill me (or maybe it was just flying around the house, I couldn't tell). Paul's been swatting at mosquitoes in the evenings, and that plague of hoverflies is still taking up residence in our kitchen and dining room windows. I keep spotting spiders the size of my head (roughly) crawling around the ceiling. At least the ants stayed outside this year. I like the creatures that live in our garden like the dragonflies that swoop down collecting mosquitoes, and the frogs, tadpoles, and goldfish in our pond. Even the fat ginger cat from next door can be quite entertaining when he sits perfectly still on our fence whenever Jasper notices him. I'm just not keen on our house turning into an insectarium.

Perhaps we need to invest in some carnivorous plants.

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