Saturday 14 August 2004

aw, you guys

Thank you so much for all of your congratulatory messages, comments, and good wishes in person. It's really nice to finally be "out of the closet" about the baby, and has stopped me worrying if everyone is thinking that I'm just getting fat. (And don't you try to tell me that I shouldn't be showing yet. It is so NOT extra chocolate and ice cream. Is not. Shaddup.) I am eternally grateful for all the fantastic women around me who are Mums and Mums to be - I will never be short of friends who can appreciate stories about sore boobs and who will get emotional about our scan pictures. So, thanks. Truly.

Blog from a bride has been updated, for the curious or very bored. Gosh, this place is getting really girly lately. I must try to blog about beer, boobs (not sore pregnant ones), and curry more often.

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