Friday 27 August 2004

busy bee

I can feel the little fluttery rumbly movement in my tummy again right now, and I'm sitting in the same position as yesterday when I felt the same thing. I don't care if it might be gas, I'm going to cherish this moment. I have a feeling that Pip is ricocheting around my womb after that bag of Kit Kat Kubes I just ate. Whee!

Pip must be going through a growth spurt right now because all sorts of symptoms and pregnancy hormone-related things have just started up again very recently. It started with a zit (how retro - very 80s), and now I'm revisiting the stressed/anxious/irritable/weepy phase I experienced in the early weeks. My stomach hurts when I sneeze, which doesn't sound too bad, but keep in mind that it's allergy season right now. I cannot sleep (and not just because I need the loo every hour) and I oscillate between wanting to hug people to wanting to slap them with a wet carp. I cannot imagine how much fun I must be right now.

Oooh still fluttering! Hope you're having fun in there, my little jumping bean.

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