Tuesday 31 May 2005

croak, frog, croak

I must say something about this crazy frog ringtone nonsense. I concede that blogging about how this creature is truly loathsome is as unoriginal as saying "Gosh that new Star Wars film sure is popular, eh?", but it's causing me great emotional turmoil.

For those of you outside of the UK, let me explain. Some of you may remember seeing a joke called "The Insanity Test" in around 2001. The "sound effect" used in this test has been paired with an animated frog and has been reincarnated as a mobile phone ringtone by an evil force called Jamster. You can download this and other such wacky ringtones for the ridiculous price of £3/week, which judging by the £10m profit this company has made, a lot of you are doing. Please. Stop it.

Not only do the ads for this ringtone play incessantly throughout all commercial breaks on every channel available, the fecking thing has actually beaten Coldplay to take the #1 spot in the charts this week. It's been released as a single mixed with the song "Axel F". No, seriously.

What really browns me off is the fact that I now have this goddamn tune running through my head and sometimes I actually find myself humming it. And for that, Jamster, I will never forgive you.

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