Tuesday 10 May 2005

now i can go on the dole!

I am now a permanent resident of the UK. I can work here without a permit, so this means that if my career as a technical author doesn't work out, I can work at Starbucks. It's a good thing I learned how to make frothy milk at Discreet (goodness, the picture on this page takes me back). I'm being flippant about it, but to be honest, I'm really pleased. When we had a round of redundancies in 2002, I was petrified at the prospect of losing my job. Since my arrival in the UK, all IT jobs have been removed from the "occupational shortlist" and are ineligible for work permits. In other words, if I lost my job I wouldn't be able to get another one in this country because my skills are no longer deemed "in demand". Now that I am a permanent resident, this is not an issue - and in today's market, it's good to have this sort of security. All for the bargain price of £325. Yerrs.

Coming in October: "They Let Canadians Have UK Passports?! They'll Just Steal Our Jobs and Women!"

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