Friday 6 May 2005

fetch the bicycle pump

Jack has always favoured his right side. Ever since birth, he lies with his head turned to the right. This didn't really strike me as being a problem until one day, we noticed that the side of his head was flat. It's like his head is made of Playdough and it's become squished on one side from the pressure. I did a bit of online research (which generally is a very bad idea) and discovered something called Flat Head Syndrome. Some sites said it'll sort itself out when the baby's old enough to hold his head up and when he spends less time on his back. Others were more alarming and claimed that it could lead to permanent facial disfigurement and that the baby needs to be fit with some odd-looking helmet to get his head round again. I think that Jack's head will become rounder again as he gets older, but now I have this nagging feeling that this might require more immediate attention.

I want to take him to see the health visitor next week to get him weighed anyway (it'll have been three weeks since his last weigh in, and I'm curious), so I'll ask her about it then. In the meantime, I've been propping his head to the left side with rolled up towels and pillows, put interesting books and toys on the left side of his cot, and have been feeding him on my right arm. Have I gone completely nuts?

Wait, don't answer that.

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