Wednesday 25 May 2005


My fabulously fantastic husband surprised me with the gift of an iPod the other day (engraved, even!). That's right, I was one of the three people in the western world who didn't have one. Local kids pointed and laughed at me. Fellow travellers would look at my iPAQ with distaste as I fumbled with the external hard drive so I could listen to 2 gigs of music for 90 minutes. Now, I'm super trendy because I got me one of them there newfangled iPods. Of course my playlist betrays my newfound ubercoolness, but as long as no one actually looks at what's currently playing, I'm good to go.

So what's the first accessory I buy for my iPod? A fancy dock? An FM transmitter? A wireless remote? Nope, I've ordered a red leather case. It matches my handbag. No, really, it does. What?

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