Thursday 5 May 2005

the little one stopped to tie his shoe

So the other day, we noticed a couple of ants hanging around our kitchen. They weren't really causing any trouble - they hadn't figured out how to generate a large mountain of dirty dishes and didn't leave nearly empty containers of milk in the fridge, so we didn't think much of it. Then the ants brought a few of their friends around. Although they still weren't as bad as houseguests who drink your orange juice directly out of the carton, they were starting to become annoying. I resorted to flicking the ants around my kitchen with a teatowel yelling, "Get off of my counter, you bastards!!" but to no avail. Today, I came home to discover a long line of ants marching from the skirting board to our olive plant and back:

They are keeping to a nice neat line and off my countertop, but what's really annoying is the fact that their neat line skirts directly around the ant trap we set down last night. Whatever substance that is supposed to be irresistibly alluring in the ant trap is having absolutely no effect on these little buggers. Don't get me wrong; I like nature. Just get it the hell out of my house.

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