Friday 27 May 2005

like mother, like son

On Wednesday, Jack had a very snuffly nose and was looking a bit under the weather. It got worse as the day wore on, and all I could do was offer sympathy and break open some Karvol.* Then last night, my throat started feeling sore. By the time Jack woke for his 2am feed, I couldn't even move (or at least that's what I told Paul after he was kind enough to take care of that feed). Both of us coughed and snuffled through the night, made a lot more uncomfortable by the recent heatwave. I'm amazed that Jack isn't really grumpy. I feel like cack, and I'm on cold tablets, paracetamol, and Halls. Jack can't even blow his nose and he's been cooing and giggling away all morning. Do babies get mini versions of colds? He really doesn't seem too bothered about the whole thing. Personally, if I had a cold and had to put up with a streaming nose and couldn't even have a nice hot cup of tea, I'd be pretty hacked off.

I thought that Jack might get a bit dehydrated due to the heat and having to breathe through his mouth, so I gave him some (cooled, boiled) water for the first time early this morning. It went something like this:
"So very sleepy. What's this? Ah, it's my bottle. Rightyo."
"What the...?! GAH!" [wrinkle nose and look perplexed, pull away from the bottle]
"What's this? Ah, it's my bottle. Rightyo."
"Wait a minute...that's not milk! That's some sort of wet tasteless nothing!" [make a face, pull away from the bottle]
"What's this? Ah, it's my bottle. Rightyo."
"Not this godawful stuff again! Oh, honestly!" [make a face, pull away from the bottle, and use both hands to push the bottle away]

Suffice it to say, it wasn't a hit, but at least I know he's not dehydrated.

*(Karvol is an oil made up of cloves, eucalyptus and other smelly things to help with congestion. You put a few drops on a tissue and place it near the baby's cot.)

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