Tuesday 31 May 2005

hideous cold 1, lisa 0

Still hacking and snuffling away here, but fortunately Jack is still the happiest chappy ever. There are many things I never thought I'd say in my life, such as: "Awwww look! He's blowing snot bubbles! Hee hee!" I know I am a true mother because not only did I say that, I genuinely found it endearing. At least I didn't take pictures.

At the osteopath's this morning, Jack got a bit fussy; it's very warm outside and he was a bit tired. As I was having my limbs massaged and my spine cracked, I could hear my osteopath chatting away to Jack, keeping him entertained. Like the last time, he scooped Jack up and made silly faces at him while I did my porcupine impression. He lifted Jack out of his car seat and swung him around gently, then he stood and said "I'll be right back" and went out the door with my first born child. Although 99.9% of my brain completely trusted him, .1% was slightly concerned that perhaps being half naked and full of needles on a table while a relative stranger runs off with your baby might be a bad thing. He returned seconds later with an armful of toys, sat with Jack and rattled, spun, and shook brightly coloured objects at him for the next ten minutes. Things like this warm my heart and restore my faith in humankind.

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