Tuesday 17 May 2005

bits n bobs

Jack had round two of his immunisations this morning, and both of us fared much better this time. Paul held him (sorry for foisting that on you at the last minute, Pauly) - Jack's daddy obviously has the magic touch. He let out a little grouchy noise for injection #1, and although injection #2 provoked a louder protest, it was not nearly as dramatic as last time. He's been a bit sleepy this afternoon but otherwise, he's just fine. And so am I.

We've been loving The House of Tiny Tearaways on BBC Three, featuring the ever-lovely Dr. Tanya Byron. It's like Supernanny meets Big Brother: three families with "problem children" (although in some cases, the parents are the real problem) live in a specially designed house for six days. Each day, they meet with Dr. Tanya and go through a series of exercises and techniques to help with their children's behavioural problems. We're addicted and thoroughly enjoy shouting parenting advice and snide remarks at the television each night. Of course we can be smug for now because our baby is perfectly behaved. I suspect the ability to walk and talk might change things slightly in future.

Ah, my perfectly behaved child is now expressing himself using an elaborate vocal technique called "shrieking". If you'll excuse me.

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