Monday 9 May 2005

reach out and touch somebody's hand

As I was getting dressed this morning, I heard a clunk clunk clunk noise coming from Jack's room. Usually any clunking sounds are from Jack's little fists hitting his "dreamshow" (a musical projector thingy that attaches to the side of the cot) as he waves his arms around, but I stuck my head round the door just to check. He had his fingers wrapped around a Tigger toy I had clipped to his cot, and the clunking was from him pulling on it and swinging it back and forth.

"Big deal," I hear you say. It is sort of a big deal to me - it's the first time I've seen him reach for anything. Babies usually start to grasp objects held out to them at around Jack's age, but he's always kept his hands in tight little fists. He's great at batting at things, but I've never seen him grab hold of anything other than my finger (and hair, necklace, shirt, and other things he uses to suspend his entire body weight when I try to put him down). To see him grab hold of something by himself and play with it was pretty cool. I love these little milestones - they make me look forward to what might come each day. Who knows? Maybe next week he'll try to stuff something into his mouth. Oooooooh!

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