Monday 9 May 2005

actual item may differ from photo shown

I sent a bouquet of flowers to my mom for Mother's Day yesterday via an FTD florist online with an address in Mississauga (where my parents live). I usually ring a local florist directly because you don't pay extra for FTD costs and because I had success with one of the local florists in the past. Of course I never jotted down the florist's information and now I can't, for the life of me, remember what they are called. So order online I did. And I wish I didn't.

The image on the left is from the Flowers N Us site, and the image on the right is a photo of the bouquet they actually delivered:

I paid more for a "deluxe" bouquet, which was supposed to be even more fabulous and exciting than the one in the picture. What makes this extra irksome is the fact that the site states: "The floral arrangement is designed to look like the picture, with an upgrade of either more flowers, or more expensive flowers -- filled to value as selected." Unless carnations have quadrupled in price recently, I'm not convinced that the arrangement they sent to my mom was worth the $57 (plus delivery) I paid for it.

I sent an email of complaint, although I'm not really sure what they will offer me in compensation, if anything. I think the problem is that most people who order flowers online will likely never see the delivered bouquet, and florists can do whatever they like with them. Paul experienced the same mishap with flowers he ordered online for delivery within the UK, so this seems to be an international phenomenon. Luckily, my camera-happy family takes pictures of everything; I got to see what I paid for. My advice: ring a local florist directly so you know who to chase up if you have any problems.


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