Thursday 12 May 2005

babies babies everywhere

Yesterday was a day of many babies: I met up with the girls and babies for coffee/tea in the afternoon, then we had a reunion for our NCT antenatal class in the evening. I hadn't met all the babies from our class yet, so it was really fun to see how all the bumps turned out. Although it's lovely to be with babies who are Jack's age, it saddens me slightly to discover that other babies make the same noises/faces/gestures that Jack does. I know it's silly, but there were things I thought were "Jackisms", but apparently a lot of babies have similar traits.

Luckily, I've not met a baby that makes the same "talking" noises as Jack does. He often has a chat with me, with such riveting topics of conversation such as "ah gooooo!", "guhguhguhguh", "EEEoooh!", and "muhmuhmuhmuh". He sometimes gets a look of extreme concentration in his eyes (that isn't related to filling his nappy) while he's chatting. If he came with subtitles, it would say: "I am trying to tell you something really important. Quit giggling at me, I'm trying to be serious! Awwww don't call me cute! MUM!!" Or something like that.

I've joined a babysitting circle, made up of the girls from our class. One of the girls made up some vouchers totalling 15 hours, and we trade them for babysitting time. I think it's an excellent idea. We don't really know anyone in the immediate area and we have no family close by. Judging by the spotty teens I've seen in our neighbourhood, I wouldn't leave any of them in charge of my child for an evening. Although most of us are in agreement that we don't really feel the need to escape from our babies just yet, I'm sure this circle will come in handy after a few months.

I'm off to baby yoga next week (I'm pretty sure this doesn't involve bending Jack into a sun salutation while all the mums go "ohhhm"), and I'm signing up for Merbabies (baby swimming) in June. I think it'll be fun for Jack to get into a pool - he absolutely loves being in the bath - and it'll be a good excuse for me to paddle around a pool a couple of times a week. Otherwise, I'm still not keen on any of the mother/baby groups in my area (even though my health visitor keeps harassing me to attend and for some strange reason, she keeps insisting that I ring one of the mothers nearby - come to think of it, my health visitor is a bit annoying) and I am not co-ordinated enough to get to the NCT coffee mornings at 10am.

And finally in today's baby news update, Jack now weighs 12lbs. 14 oz. and is 24 inches long. Apparently he's still in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th for length. In realistic measurements, his torso is too long (and his belly too big) for 0-3 clothes, but his little legs are too stubby for 3-6 month clothes. How I know what it's like to be in that horrible in-between stage for clothing. *sigh*

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