Saturday 21 May 2005

out on the town

Now that we are a mobile family, we've enjoyed many outings. This is a Good Thing: after being housebound for 6 weeks after Jack was born, I am grateful to get outdoors. We've had lovely afternoon visits to see Ruth and Naomi, Heather and Rebecca, we're off to devour some dim sum (YAY!) tomorrow afternoon with the ex-work gang, we're meeting the Ex-pregnant Ladies Lunch Club next week, baby yoga, lunch with the NCT mums and babes, and swimming starts the following week. I actually have to check my calendar to see when I'm free. I've started to carry my iPAQ around with me again. I feel something resembling a life making a reappearance. Gosh.

Although I'm confident taking Jack almost everywhere with me, I'm not keen on the idea of taking him places where I can't really get to him if he starts fussing (the hairdresser, for example). I was slightly nervous the other day when I decided to take him to the osteopath's with me. He would have to sit fuss-free while I get rubbed, stretched, cracked, and needled for 30 minutes. Indeed.

Hazel the receptionist made a big fuss over him, as did my osteopath. Jack napped quietly in his car seat while the osteopath worked on my weak, pathetic limbs. For the first time since I got pregnant, I had some acupuncture done as well. Lying flat on my back with a half dozen needles in me, I started to feel tense as I waited for the familiar sound of Jack's snuffly snorty I'm About to Cry My Head Off noises - I couldn't exactly leap up and console him if he started sobbing. Then I heard, "Hello Jack! Are you my friend?" as the osteopath put Jack's car seat up on his desk and kept him happy for the 10 minutes I was being a pincushion. I managed to turn my head just enough to see his desk, and watched the osteopath beam at my son, cooing and tickling him. How fantastic! I get osteopathic treatment with free daycare! It worked out beautifully, much to my relief.

And now, for no particular reason, some pictures:


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