Tuesday 24 May 2005

further proof that any eejit can have kids

A three-year-old boy became trapped in a toy vending machine, after crawling inside to get a stuffed animal when his mother wasn't looking.

His mother was initially amused, and took photographs of her son, but became alarmed when no one could find a key.

Firemen freed the boy, but, his mother said, "he definitely didn't get a toy". [source]

Right, so your child can't sleep and it's 3:30 in the morning. You take him to WalMart because you believe that the bright fluorescent lights, big neon yellow signs, and the aisles upon aisles of cheap homewares will lull him to sleep. Your three-year-old ends up being quite a bit more intelligent than you by managing to create a diversion while he crawls into a vending machine. Instead of running for help, you leave your child and buy a disposable camera while onlookers take pictures. And the punch line?

"I'm pregnant," she said.

Oh my dear lord.

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