Sunday 1 May 2005

electrical storm

I woke up at 3am in a daze (nothing new there, really), trying to decipher the meaning of the flashing lights and low rumbling sounds outside. It took my brain a few seconds to realise that it was a storm, because it was an odd one. Lightning flashed all around us, constantly, like a thousand paparazzis outside Britney's rubbish bins (apologies for that appalling analogy, but I'm tired and that's the best I can do). It wasn't the usual flash of lightning followed by thunder a few seconds later, white bolts raced across the sky non-stop for several minutes while thunder roared in the background - and it wasn't raining. Eventually, the rain came and the storm continued on its way to confuse other people in the middle of the night. The dog didn't seem too bothered about it and Jack slept through the whole thing, and there's nothing about it on the BBC news site today. Regardless, I was mighty impressed.

Despite all the drama, the daytime weather has been fantastic. We had our first al fresco meal last night, which included my first taste of venison (it was delicious and no, I don't care that I ate Bambi), and sausages from our local farmer's market. It lifts my heart seeing the garden "done up" in anticipation of another summer; dolled up with fairy lights, the chiminea, torches, and a big green parasol. Bring on the margaritas.

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