Friday 20 May 2005

alright, so

Have you ever experienced Blog Amnesia? This is when you're out and about (or "oot and aboot" as we say in the motherland) and suddenly you think of a really fascinating and hilarious topic to blog about, but by the time you reach a computer, you can't remember what it was. I have been plagued by this for over a week now. I really need to start writing things down or carrying around a small recording device ("Note to self: blog about this insightful topic when I get home").

On a completely unrelated topic, when you park in specially designated "parent/child" spots at your local supermarket, the term "child" does not refer to an offspring who is fully capable of getting from the car to the store without the aid of a pram or stroller. For example, your 11 year old son does not qualify as a "child" in this context, Mr. Took the Last Child/Parent Spot and Forced Lisa to Circle the Carpark Until Another Space Freed Up. I am very tempted to start a site called and post pictures of people who park badly. Well, I would if someone hadn't already bought that domain name.

Normal service will resume as soon as I get over this bout of Blog Amnesia. Thank you.

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