Wednesday 1 June 2005

cuddling cellulite just isn't the same

I just realised something: I haven't rubbed my belly lately. I know it sounds strange but even a month or two after Jack was born, I still stroked my "bump" every now and then. I remember noticing all the women on the postnatal ward doing it as well, which made me feel a little less insane. I suppose it's a hard habit to break after nine months, so you continue doing it subconsciously after the birth. I wonder how many women go out with their newborns and rub their tummies, causing others to think "Good lord, that woman is having another one so soon?!"

I miss my bump. I absolutely love having Jack in the outside world where I can give him a proper kiss and cuddle, but I do miss my bump. Partially because it's just fat now and I have no excuse to be in maternity clothes. Gah.

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