Friday 17 June 2005

i'm melllllltiiiiinnnnggg

You'd think that swimming classes would be a welcome relief when it's hot outside, however the pool we go to is very warm to accommodate little newborn bodies. This makes the entire pool area like a sauna; it hits you like a wall when you open the door. It was actually more of a relief to leave the building, and of course driving around with the air conditioning on full blast helps. We arrived early and the instructor helped me practice floating with Jack. At first he wasn't too keen on having water in his ears, but he soon relaxed and started smiling and babbling. The instructor gently held the back of Jack's head, while he floated peacefully on the water. Jack went underwater this class, which was met with mixed reactions: surprise, spluttering, and crying. I think that he's still unsure about the whole thing and vacillates between curiosity and grumpyness. On the plus side, the swimming mums were far friendlier than last time. The group was much smaller (I suppose the class was recently divided more equally between sessions) and some of the mums instigated conversations with me! My faith in mumkind is restored.

Right, and now for the week in summary (for those of you who care, which is likely only my mother).

On Tuesday, Jack had round 3 of his immunisations and I did it sans Paul. A bit scary, but it turned out fine - Jack gave an almighty scream when the shot went in, but was perfectly fine afterwards. Later, Jack got entertained by the osteopath while I got stuck with a bazillion needles. In the afternoon, we met up with the "celebrant" who will be doing our baby naming ceremony. She was really nice and I'm so looking forward to the ceremony.

On Wednesday, I met up with Heather in Cambridge for lunch and to pick up Paul's secret Father's Day present. Later, I went out to dinner with Heather, Melanie, Susan, and Julie for an evening of giggles and really great Chinese food. I love these girly nights - they keep me sane.

On Thursday, we swam and cried a little. Then daddy gave Jack a bath and all was right with the world.

Today, we went shopping and I got very sweaty. Jack spent the day being very grumpy (but still very, very cute).

Tomorrow, I've got an aromatherapy massage with the lovely lady who massaged me just before Jack was born. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

On Sunday, we're doing secret Father's Day things after I give Paul his secret Father's Day presents. Shhhh.

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