Friday 10 June 2005

okay, you're all not that bad

We had a lovely afternoon with the NCT girls and babes, and I must admit that they are nothing like the snooty pool mums I was talking about yesterday. When I got out of hospital a couple of weeks before I was induced, they made me promise to tell them if I went in again so that they could bring me trashy magazines and keep me company. Unfortunately, when I went back in, most of them had either just given birth (and had more important priorities than entertaining me) or were coming in just as I was leaving - and to be honest, I wasn't really up to visitors anyway. But still, I know they would have popped by to cheer me up if they could.

I love seeing our babies together and being amazed by how similar they are. Little Lucy (who Jack was holding hands with...shhhh don't tell Silvia) just started swimming classes and blowing raspberries yesterday, too. I'm sure the two events aren't related. Lauren sounds exactly like Jack when she cries, and Hannah is almost exactly the same weight and length as Jack. Oh yes, and I should mention that Jack was the only boy in a room full of beautiful little girls, the lucky lad.

And finally, Sign You Are Turning Into a Lunatic Mother #247: When I made Jack's bottle this morning, I actually found myself singing "shake your bottle" to the tune of KC and the Sunshine Band's "shake your booty". And did this while shaking his bottle and dancing around. Help me.

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