Monday 13 June 2005

canada aid

Hello, my lovely (and undoubtedly sexy) readers. If I may be so bold, I would like your assistance on two matters.

First, I will be doing a 5k waddle (what I do these days can't count as walking) for Cancer Research UK on Sunday, July 3. Please sponsor me using the link in the blurb above, and I will love you forever. But not in that kind of way, sorry. I'm spoken for.

Second, we are having a Canada Day BBQ to introduce our son to an important part of his cultural heritage: eating grilled meat and drinking beer. In trying to keep up as much CanCon as possible, I need suggestions for good Canadian music to play at the party. Conditions: no Celine/Avril/Bryan/Barenaked Ladies, preferably something from this decade (before PaulG suggests Loverboy, Platinum Blonde, or the Spoons), and it can be either in French or English. So far, I've mustered up a few songs from my collection from Bran Van 3000, Our Lady Peace, Tragically Hip, and Sloan, but I'm severely lacking in Canuck music. Song suggestions or, better yet, songs sent to me (or let me know where I can download them) in mp3 format would be greatly appreciated. I've been out of the Canadian music loop too long and have no idea what's out there anymore. Please leave suggestions in the comments here, or email me at broad[at]wittydomainname[dot]com.

Thank you!

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