Monday 20 June 2005


This weekend, Jack showed us that he can...

...hold his head up high when he's lying on his tummy...

...and roll over!

What a clever little man he is. Unfortunately, he has problems rolling on to his back so once he's rolled forward, much crying ensues. It's a bit like a turtle on its back, but in reverse. Bless him.

On his very first Father's Day, Paul got lots of cards, a mug we made with Heather and Rebecca at Glaze to Amaze that has Jack's footprints (and one handprint) on it, a picture of Jack being very cute for daddy's desk at work, and we had a fun family day out at the National Space Centre. We ended the day at the White Hart for supper, which was yummy but they really need to invest in air conditioning.

The health visitor came to see us today which was, as usual, not terribly useful although she is a nice lady. Jack now weighs 15 lbs. 2 oz. and I don't have Post Natal Depression, according to the 10 question survey I filled out. Which is nice. She said not to start him on solids until 17 weeks, I said I was going to wait a bit longer, and she was very supportive about that. Instead of going by the number of weeks to start him on solids (which is either 17 or 24, depending on who you ask), I'll go by signs that he's ready such as being able to hold his head steady, showing an interest in food, and being able to sit upright without being too wobbly. At the moment, I don't feel like he's ready. I think the day will come soon, though - he stares at me intently when I eat in front of him. So now I've got the dog and the baby staring at me when I eat, lucky me.

You can see pictures of our first family outing here.

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