Thursday 15 July 2004

words of wisdom

If you ever feel worried because you're not having any pregnancy symptoms, you should blog about it because the following day, you'll get lots of them. I feel like an enormous bucket of something really unpleasant today - cramps, horrible headache, nausea, weepy, irritable, the works. It's a bit like lighting a cig to make the bus come. I think the next time I feel good, I'll just keep my big blog shut.

Here's another bit of advice: don't say something stupid to a pregnant lady because it'll really piss her off. Allow me to explain. In general, the pregnant lady is slightly emotional due to the surge of pregnancy hormones, or Hcg. Hcg can make one feel more prone to irritability and may even make one more sensitive than usual. Hcg can also cause the pregnant lady to call you bad names and threaten to save up Jasper poo and deposit it in a flaming bag on your doorstep. You should try to avoid insensitive or flippant comments when speaking to the pregnant lady, for your own safety.

Thank you, and have a lovely day.

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