Monday 26 July 2004

meet the midwife

Paul, Jasper and I met Pat the midwife (and student midwife Emma), who turned out to be a bit better in person. She was still quite stern, in a school marm kind of way, but I felt that she knew her stuff - she's a senior midwife, after all. It ends up that she will see me throughout my pregnancy but I will see another team of midwives for the actual birth. I may or may not get a chance to meet these midwives, which is slightly disconcerting. It seems that this is my only choice; there is no "domino scheme" or "team midwifery" that I had been reading about. Everything else was as I expected, except for the surprising news that my hospital has a policy of not telling you the sex of your baby during scans. For that, you go in for another scan at 24 weeks and you must pay extra for it. I've never heard of this sort of policy before, but there you go. Otherwise, we mostly filled out paperwork and I answered a lot of questions about my medical history. My first scan will be at 12 weeks where they will also do some blood and urine tests.

I do feel a bit better now that I've actually seen someone about this pregnancy. I feel like things are moving along and that this is more real in a way. The first scan doesn't seem as far away and woohoo, I'm moving into double digits on Wednesday - 10 weeks and counting! Life, as they say, is good.

I still have an aversion to eating meat (although I actually ordered a roast beef dinner last night with a chicken and prawn starter), and I seem to have developed a huge, loud, and demanding sweet tooth. I will only want to eat a bit of toast for breakfast and maybe a bagel for lunch, but stick some cake or biscuits in front of me and they'll be gone in seconds. This isn't to say that I'm not eating healthy amounts of non-sugary food, but I just have more of an appetite for the sugary stuff. This supposedly means I'm having a girl but then the lack of morning sickness is supposed to indicate a boy. Maybe I'm having a very girly boy or a butch girl. 'Scuse me while I get an ice cream - that's dairy so it counts as healthy food, right?

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