Sunday 25 July 2004

this n' that

Just a bit of an update on me and my pregnant self. Only had one difficult time last week when I started getting really uncomfortable cramps on one side. They only lasted from the time we left work until a few hours later, but they scared the life out of me. During this time, I remembered the incredibly unhelpful section in "What to Expect When You're Expecting" that discusses ectopic pregnancy cramping. It states that cramps may or may not be intermittent, and they might radiate across the abdomen or remain localized. That's great, thanks for clearing that up for me. These were intermittent cramps that certainly weren't causing me to double over in agony, but they were a lot more uncomfortable than any cramping I'd experienced before. I sat there at dinner feeling terrified to move and waiting for the next cramp to come, until I burst into tears telling Paul that I didn't want anything bad to happen. He held me and told me he wouldn't let anything bad happen and magically, the cramps subsided. So who knows - was it gas, a pulled muscle, or regular ligament stretching? Oh, the drama.

I've decided that cramping is only something to worry about if it's severe and accompanied by bleeding. Otherwise, it's probably just part of the normal pains we go through when pregnant. Doesn't make it any less scary, though.

Only two more weeks until the first scan; I really cannot wait. Just knowing that the baby is in there with its little heart beating away will make a world of difference. Until then, I have taken my mind off things by buying large amounts of new clothing (regular clothes in larger sizes - I'm not tempted by those "cute" maternity clothes yet) and by going out for dinner tonight. Oh and playing with puppies for four hours. That's a definite mood lifter.

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