Friday 30 July 2004

pregnant lady, coming through

I've started to notice that I've become a lot more protective of my belly and the general state of my health since becoming pregnant. That's perfectly normal, you might say. Yes, but probably not when it gets to the point that you spend a lot of time in your car swearing at people for not being considerate to your unborn child. For example, I followed a guy down the road the other day with an alarming cloud of black smoke pouring out of his exhaust. The smell saturated the inside of my car as I frantically switched the air flow to circulate the air within the car (instead of taking it from outside). All I could think was "Get your exhaust fixed, you jerk! The fumes coming out of your crappy car might harm my baby!" as I muttered rude words at him hoping he'd turn off the road soon. I have the same reaction to anyone who stops suddenly or swings out in front of me, nudges me with their elbow in the tummy by accident at Tesco, smokes within 20 feet of me, or wears an obscene amount of perfume. All of you - stop potentially harming my foetus! You don't see me leaking pregnancy hormones all over your carpet, do you?? BAH.

But I am feeling a lot less irritable and cranky lately, honest.

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