Wednesday 28 July 2004

general ramblings

I've been really poor at updating this blog lately, mostly because I haven't had anything specific to blog about. I haven't bought any interesting CDs or DVDs, and the last film we saw was Shrek 2 (i.e. not really fodder for lengthy, thought-provoking posts). I've not read any books lately, and Heat magazine doesn't really count as provocative reading material. We haven't visited any new places, dined at new restaurants, and I haven't come across any new and interesting web sites. I did try a new smoothie drink from Innocent Drinks last week, and it was really yummy. I don't think I could write an entire post about it, though. But do try them next time you're at Sainsbury's.

This isn't to say that life is dull; on the contrary - there is lots going on at the moment. Lots. Hooooo boy, is there ever. I just haven't found any particular topic to blog about lately and haven't updated this site, rather than ramble on about nothing. Erm...not including this post, that is.

I need Mike Meyers as Linda Richman to say to me, "[insert topic here] - discuss. Talk amongst yourselves!"

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