Thursday 8 July 2004

well, that was a stupid idea

For reasons only known to my muddled brain, I decided to weigh myself this morning. After weeks of claiming that I haven't gained any "scale weight" and yet nothing fits me anymore, I am now officially full of cack (perhaps literally too, but let's not go there). I have indeed gained scale weight - 7 lbs., to be precise. I am now at my heaviest that I've been in a very long time and have put on a grand total of 2 stone in the past 2 years. Gaaaaaaaaah.

I won't do anything stupid like attempt to diet whilst pregnant, but I do seriously need to keep this weight under some sort of control. I've already cut the junk out of my diet (no sugar if I can avoid it, no white breads/pasta/crackers, no pop, and no artificial sweeteners) and have been eating as healthy as possible. I really want to start swimming, so I'll have to check out our local pool and the leisure centre. I need to go with Paul when he takes Jasper for a walk.

Why couldn't I have been one of those nice skinny women with perfect little baby bumps?

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