Monday 12 July 2004

start spreading the news

We gave Paul's parents their "special" anniversary card on Friday night, and they were thrilled (although at first, Paul's Mum thought the card was from the dog). I rang my parents the following morning to give them the news, and they were equally thrilled. We spread the word on Sunday to Paul's other family members, which was met with a variety of reactions from a reserved "Oh, how nice" response to a giggly "I'm so excited! Can I be a godmother?" response. I wasn't surprised by the more reserved reactions because a) you can't expect gleeful squealing from older English people and b) I'm certain that there was an element of wondering if this was planned and/or if getting pregnant before marriage was a good thing. We got lots of "That was quick!" comments as well, but on the most part, people were simply happy for us. Thankfully, no one told me their pregnancy/birth horror stories or offered me any unsolicited advice. I'm sure this will come later.

Being the fretful pregnant lady that I am, part of me is now even more worried about things going wrong because we've "gone public". It's like saying it out loud is going to jinx it somehow. It's such a catch 22; I was bursting to tell people but now that we have, I'm feeling like something bad is going to happen.

When do the pregnancy hormones stop making you feel like a lunatic?

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