Tuesday 6 July 2004

every day is like sunday morning

I'm finding pregnancy to be a lot like having a very lengthy hangover. I feel tired, headachey, thirsty, dizzy, and nauseous, generally all at the same time all the time. The problem is, a fry up won't make me feel better. I think it's also been akin to feeling a bad cold coming on that never really develops into anything. On the other hand, if I feel well, I worry that something's gone horribly wrong. If I'm feeling good, I must not have enough pregnancy hormones coursing around my system and making me feel like crap. How insane is that? Very. I vow from this point on to cherish any moment that I feel well. Somehow I think that these moments will become much rarer as time goes on, so I shall celebrate while I can. Of course "celebrating" these days means eating Pringles or ordering yet another book from Amazon. Wooooooo.

Speaking of Amazon, I received a book today called "The Gentle Birth Method" by Gowri Motha. It's based on the theory that there are various measures we can take to improve our chances of happier, healthier, and more comfortable pregnancies and birth. Rather than sit on the sofa and inhale a can of Pringles (I haven't actually made it through the can yet), I think it's a good idea to start eating/avoiding certain foods and taking advantage of alternative therapies (like reflexology and yoga) to make me feel better. I'm all for any pregnancy philosophy that advocates relaxation, taking care of yourself, and most importantly, feeling like you have some sort of control. I don't expect a pain free, effortless labour and birth - but I do believe that I can make changes to avoid some complications.

But if I do end up having a pain free and effortless birth, I won't complain.

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