Friday 9 July 2004

not really the image i was going for

So as I was making lunch today, I realised that I was standing in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. Just call me Lurleen and stick me in a trailer park.

We're seeing Paul's parents this weekend and will be spilling the baby beans tomorrow. We are going to give them a card that says "Happy anniversary, Nanny and Granddad" on the front with "See you in February!" on the inside. Naff? Maybe, but I thought it was sweeter than just blurting it out at the dinner table. Paul joked that he was slightly hesitant about telling his parents, after growing up with the fear of one day having to tell your Mum and Dad that you've knocked up your girlfriend. I wish there was a more creative way to tell my parents, but because of the distance, I'll have to resort to a phone call. We'll tell his brothers and their families on the Sunday, and then we'll probably tell a few more close friends next week. We won't tell anyone else at work until after the first scan (mid August, I hope). After that point, I'll probably tell anyone who'll listen.

After boasting that I'm feeling perfectly fine lately, I've felt like utter crap today. That'll teach me...but it does reassure me when I actually feel pregnant. Now where's that crystallised ginger?

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