Thursday 8 July 2004

it's not just nuts and berries

It's no secret that I enjoy trashy television (and trashy magazines like "Heat", if you really must know), and channel 4 is usually such a fantastic resource for this sort of thing. I've been watching a new programme called "You Are What You Eat" that is both horrifying and hilarious (mostly the former). Basically, a rather unpleasant and acerbic woman called Dr. Gillian McKeith (who also has a dodgy Scottish accent, but I digress) invades the homes of families with extremely unhealthy eating habits. Yesterday's episode followed the story of a family whose daily salt intake should have caused them to all drop dead about ten years ago. Now while I'm all for trying to keep yourself healthy, it really hacks me off when people insist that healthy eating must involve tasteless horrors slathered in tofu. This woman force feeds these poor people things like gigantic salads with no dressing, topped with seeds. She made some godawful version of what she called "sushi", which was really just goopy green something smeared on seaweed and rolled up. Regular sushi is so healthy, so why come up with a ghastly substitute? There are loads of things you can eat that are good for you that actually taste good. I suppose watching a family eat a bolognaise made with extra lean mince isn't quite as entertaining as watching them choke down a three bean salad.

Don't even get me started about Supernanny. Hoooooooo boy.

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