Wednesday 28 July 2004

what's in a name?

I am starting to think that some people come up with baby names by rummaging through Scrabble tiles and randomly picking letters. On one of the web boards I read, a woman posted a message discussing the following potential baby names:

aiken tam

espen rune

jubal sulo

kaio cosme

larkin muir

loki rune

piran kjell

solen rune

tavin dai

thurin sulo

torin boaz

Apparently these are boy names, and both parents are American (i.e. as far as I know, these names do not have cultural significance). Indeed.

I keep forgetting to mention our nickname for the baby: Pip. This came about when I was reading something in the early weeks that said our baby was the size of an apple seed, and Paul decided to start calling the baby Pip. This always reminds me of a Dickensian character on South Park who says "My name is Phillip, but people call me Pip...because they hate me." Needless to say, I love the nickname but it will definitely not appear on the birth certificate.

In other weird news, another workmate is pregnant! She had her first scan yesterday and made the news "public" - and she is due 9 days before me. There must be something in the drinking water.

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