Thursday 8 July 2004

pass the tofu

For some reason, I can't stomach meat at the moment. This is rather odd considering the first two weeks I couldn't get enough red meat. I craved bolognaise sauce, steak, hamburgers, roast beef, and lamb - almost daily. Now, even chicken is unappealing. On Monday when we went out for our anniversary dinner, I really wanted to try the lamb or the lovely sounding Aberdeen beef, but I just couldn't stomach the thought of actually eating it. I ended up going for the chicken, which I did manage to eat but only after I had taken the skin off. On Tuesday, I made a Thai chicken curry. I picked all the bits of chicken out and devoured the veggies and rice instead. Paul made one of my favourites last night, fajitas, and every mouthful of chicken made me cringe. I filled my second fajita with peppers, onions, cheese, guacamole, salsa, and fromage frais and I was a much happier woman. Tonight, we're having salmon with stir fried pak choi, cucumber salad (just like Grandma used to make with rice vinegar, sugar, and a bit of salt), and hot and sour soup (veggie, of course). I think I can handle eating fish, but I don't fancy the idea of eating my old favourites like prawns and tuna for some reason.

Either my body is telling me "You have enough nutrients with all the food you normally shovel into your mouth - time to slow down, tubby" or it's saying "I don't want to eat things that might be bad for me, although I don't know why chicken is suddenly off the menu. I'm just being picky."

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