Wednesday 7 July 2004

the days just fly by

Our little one is 7 weeks old today (Yes, I know that I'm talking about an embryo. Humour me.), and every day that goes by without something going horribly wrong is a Good Day. It's very nice to move closer to the day I'll have my first visit with the midwife (I wonder if she'll try to hear our baby's heartbeat?) and my first scan. I think I'm enjoying being pregnant more now, mostly because I'm getting more used to the idea and as time passes, I feel a bit more reassured that everything is going well. I haven't even been nauseous lately, nor do I still feel like someone's woken me up every hour on the hour for the past three years. I no longer feel like strangling people all the time (just sometimes) and I'm no longer on the verge of a panic attack.

And of course this worries me because maybe I'm feeling just a bit too good.

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