Tuesday 20 July 2004

give us a smile

Gary, Ruth, and baby Naomi came to visit us on Sunday. Jasper was very well behaved with her, even when she was sitting on the floor, although he couldn't resist giving her hands a thorough licking. All we could hear were delighted squeals and giggles coming from Naomi, as I offered apologies to her Mum and Dad for any dog germs she may have ingested. She's such a happy little girl; it is so lovely when she gives me a smile.

As a parent, it must feel so fantastic when your child smiles at you. I love how babies grin and their faces light up when they're returned to Mummy or Daddy, and the joy you feel when it's your baby grinning back at you must be indescribable.

I really can't wait for moments like that, although in the first few months, I do realise it'll probably just be gas.

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